Students at Andrew HIll HS in San Jose, CA during an after-school Ignite Session 

Unlocking the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our challenge-based education program gives every student the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and discover entrepreneurship. Not convinced? Watch the video on your left.

The program requires students to draw upon a wealth of valuable skills learned throughout their regular high school curriculum, including creativity, teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, mathematics, written communication, computer science, and public speaking.

At the end of the school year students pitch their business ideas at the annual Symposium of Ideas and compete for coveted Silicon Valley internships, scholarships and awards in front of a panel of VC's and industry judges.

Infuse Entrepreneurship is a program that brings entrepreneurship opportunities to the inner-city community. We show students that possibilities are endless in making the world a better place through their ideas. Want to learn more about how you can bring this program to your school?

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In the Classroom

We leverage the Corporate Community to for teaching and learning labs and work with teachers to integrate key learnings into their lesson plans.

In Teams

Students are divided into start-up project teams for the rest of the semester as they prepare to pitch their products.

In the Community

Annual pitch night event held at local firms in the Silicon Valley give students visibility into the world of high-tech.